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Burials at sea, scattering ashes with dignity, grace, and style aboard the Historic Sailing Schooner Curlew departing out of Dana Point Harbor.

Since the beginning of time, the unending power of the sea has drawn many of us seeking enlightenment, tranquility and comfort. Not surprisingly many of us also choose a burial at sea and the ocean as our final resting place

Curlew, a historic 1926 John G Alden sailing schooner, was hand built by craftsmen of the finest woods. Her immense strength and beauty, coupled with the wind, wood, and water connection, provide a very special platform for scattering the ashes of lost loved ones.


  In true nautical fashion, as you lower our flower covered basket cradling the ashes, we ring the ships bell eight times to signify last watch, fire our cannons in a three round military styled salute (by request) and play a bagpipe version of Amazing grace. A frameable certificate will also be mailed to you. We specialize in attended services for families of up to 30, priced at $960.00 (+ crew gratuity) for a 1.5 hour outing.

 A veteran of WWII, Curlew is also uniquely suited to honor our veterans.

Sailing out of Beautiful Dana Point Harbor, our clients come from all over the south land including Orange County, San Diego County, Los Angeles County and the Inland Empire.

Let me help your family scatter your loved ones ashes with dignity, grace, and style.

Robert A Harrison, Owner

Phone: (949) 922-2759

CRM License # 710 License